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Why us?

Why NAPIT Insurance?

We care about your business. Our aim is to make it simple and easy for NAPIT members to get tailored advice to your specific line of work, not an ‘off the shelf’ solution.

The right advice – Our team is professionally qualified and understands of the needs of NAPIT members.

The benefits – as a NAPIT member you will also receive:

  • Tailored cover specific to your line of work
  • Support from a great team of qualified and professional advisers
  • Additional discounts for members with specialisms (e.g. periodic inspection, EV charge points) underpinned by formal qualification/certification
  • Satisfaction your claim will be handled by an award-winning insurer, Hiscox
  • Access to a business support helpline offering immediate unlimited expert advice on H&S and HR matters provided by Stallard Kane advisory services. Click here to read more.

Your cover includes:

  • Public Liability
  • Professional Indemnity
  • Inefficacy
  • Financial Loss
  • Loss of Customers Keys
  • Risk Management Helpline and online assistance (H&S / HR with Stallard Kane)

Additional options you can add on to personalise your cover.

Personal Accident – if you break an arm playing football with your kids at the weekend, you might not be able to work, with no other income to rely on. Personal accident insurance provides a weekly pay-out within 14 days of the incident, which means your bills are taken care of while you’re recovering.

Life Insurance – if something were to happen to you, you’d want to make sure your family and/or your mortgage were protected. If you are a sole trader please click here . By answering some personal questions, you will be able to apply online and receive a decision in under 8 minutes.

If you are a Limited Company and/or require an alternative plan such as:

  • Tax Efficient Life Insurance above £650,000
  • Critical Illness Cover
  • Income Protection

Please email our Advisers who will arrange a call back at a convenient time to discuss your needs.

Employers’ Liability – if you have anyone working for you, you’ll need EL. Employers’ liability insurance makes sure you’re covered if anything happens to your employees as a result of the work they do for you.

Tools – without your tools, you can’t work. This covers all tools and equipment that you own, including handheld, whilst in use 24/7, including accidental damage and theft. With a higher excess includes overnight cover, as long as they’re in a locked vehicle and not on show.

Contract Works – if an accident or damage occurs while work is in progress, you want to make sure you have the right protection in place before you hand over the project to client and the contract is concluded.

Hired in Plant – if you hire in machinery as part of a job, you’ll want to make sure you have the right cover in the event of damage or theft.

Cyber Insurance – if you have a smart phone, you could be susceptible to a phishing scam or data breach. Claims for cyber crimes are escalating, so why not be sure you have the best cover.

Our team is available to talk you through the options that are right for you. We can also provide advice on other insurance matters, so please get in touch.

Why Hiscox?

  • Hiscox insures over 200,000 businesses in the UK and design profession-specific policies, that are tailored to suit your needs
  • Claims service is at the heart of Hiscox’s business and its philosophy is that superior claims handling should be based on fairness and common sense. Who Hiscox insures is just as important as what Hiscox insures
  • The Hiscox businesses are rated ‘A’ by A.M. Best, Standard & Poor’s and Fitch
  • In the UK, Hiscox Insurance Company Limited has an A (Excellent) rating from A.M. Best, an A (Strong) rating from Standard & Poor’s and an A (Strong) rating from Fitch.