Why do electricians need professional indemnity insurance?

Whilst not a legal requirement, professional indemnity insurance (PI) is essential protection for anyone who provides a professional service or advice to clients. It provides compensation for losses you are legally liable for if you make a mistake or give negligent advice which results in a loss to the client or in the event the work you carried out is deemed to be defective, inadequate or fails to perform. 


As an electrician, you’re working in a potentially high-risk environment where the impact of something going wrong can be huge. Electricians are often required to provide advice on electrical safety as well as design and specify electrical installations for entire buildings. 


There is always the risk that things don’t go according to plan and the advice you give or work you carry out can cause damage or loss to your client. This can be physical, financial and can damage your reputation, putting the future of your business at risk. 


By having the right PI cover in place, you can carry out your work and run your business with the peace of mind that should things go wrong, you have the support you need. 


The PI cover available to NAPIT members provides cover for: 

  • Negligence or breach of duty of care – making a mistake in your work or giving bad advice 
  • £500k cover as a maximum for each claim, rather than the NAPIT minimum requirement of £250k – legal costs can be high, so cover needs to be adequate.
  • Multiple claims of up to £500k – the cover provided is for any one claim, not an annual limit. Many policies offer aggregate terms for PI so check that you have the cover you need.  
  • All forms of professional work – not just EICR’s, but also the advice and recommendations you give.

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