Personal accident cover: £120 provided three months’ income for a broken ankle

We’re all thinking very carefully about what we spend our money on right now. Some insurances are essential for your business to operate and are a necessary expense. You might think optional extras, such as personal accident cover, are not worth considering when budgets are tight. 

But what if you have an accident that means you can’t work for a while? If you’re a sole trader, what happens to your business – and your income? 

Personal accident claim example – a broken ankle and three months off work 

A NAPIT member who is also a NAPIT Insurance client was approaching the renewal date of his policy. The NAPIT Insurance team were in discussion with him and talked about personal accident cover.  We explained the benefits and how it provides an income should he be unable to work for a period of time. The client didn’t have any form of accident or injury cover and so decided to take the personal accident cover option from renewal.  

A few months later, the NAPIT member tripped on a curb which resulted in a badly broken ankle – and three months off work whilst he recovered.  

He made a successful claim under his new personal accident cover. He’d selected the maximum benefit option for a cost of just over £120 for the year and so received £500 per week which helped cover his lost income and pay the bills until he was unable to return to work.  

The client was extremely grateful that we took the time to explain the cover and recommend it at his renewal. 

Personal accident cover – what it offers 

The cover provided is 24/7 so it’s not just accidents that happen at work that are covered. Accidents from taking part in  recreational sports are also covered (UK only). 

The benefit paid is 75% of your weekly average income, up to £500 per week. There’s a 14-day excess period but you can claim for up to a year if you remain unable to work.  

And if the resulting injuries are so significant that you have to cease trading, for example, loss of sight or the loss of a limb, then there’s a lump sum payment option too.  

To find out more about the cover provided by NAPIT Insurance and the option of adding personal accident cover, talk to our friendly team.  

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