EV charge point installation – does your insurance cover you?

We all know that electric vehicles (EVs) are increasing in popularity with the UK Government banning the production of ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) cars by the year 2030. This has led to an increase in the need for home-charging units and many electricians are expanding their services to include the installation of EV charging points (EVCPs). 

But if this is an area you have already added to your services, or are thinking of doing so – have you checked to see if your insurance covers the installation of EVCPs? 

Insurance for electrical contractors varies and it’s important to understand what you’re covered for – and what is excluded. 

With NAPIT Insurance, as long as you’re qualified to carry out the work, the installation of electric vehicle charging points is included as standard. No need for an add-on or extra premium.  

Not all insurance providers are the same and if your cover only provides for domestic electrical work, it may not cover you for EVCP installation – even if this is at a domestic property. If unsure about what your electrical contractor insurance includes, let us help you out. Talk to us and we’ll happily carry out a no obligation review of your current policy and help you understand what it covers – and what it doesn’t. 

At NAPIT Insurance, we’re here to make sure you have the right cover to provide the protection you need for your business. If your work changes we’re on hand to talk you through the adjustments that need to be made to your insurance throughout the year – not just at the renewal date.   

Talk to our friendly team of insurance experts to find out more.  Give us a call: 0330 9000 701 or send us an email: info@napitinsurance.co.uk 

NAPIT offers training for EVCP installation and more information can be found here