Do you need contracts work cover?

If you’re working on a job, what happens if your materials are damaged or stolen? Could you afford to replace them so that you can complete the job?

If you’re undertaking a large or lengthy contract, it’s likely that you will buy your materials up front to prevent disruption to your work schedule. Have you thought about what would happen if something went wrong? For example, the site suffered a fire, flood, vandalism or theft.

Having to replace materials mid-project could cause costly delays if your contract has a set deadline. And we all know that, right now, the cost of materials is continuing to rise. If you had to replace materials/equipment mid-project, aside from the inconvenience it’s entirely possible that the cost would be more than you paid originally.

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What is contracts work insurance?


Contract works insurance is designed for tradespeople, such as builders, plumbers and electricians. It protects you when work in progress for which you are legally responsible under contract, including materials required for the works and temporary structures, suffers loss or damage at a contract location.

Contracts work cover provides financial protection against the unexpected and is particularly important for larger jobs when materials could be held on site for a period of time. If something happens and you need to replace damaged or stolen materials, this could add extra time to the project. There could be a penalty clause in the contract for late delivery – and of course this means there could be a knock-on effect on your next job with delays and re-scheduling becoming necessary.

Find out more about contracts work insurance

The NAPIT insurance scheme offers contracts work cover as an option that can be added to your main insurance. To find out more about the cover provided, any exclusions and how it could be of benefit to your business, talk to our friendly team of experts.

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