As we head into the summer with sun-filled days, we naturally enjoy more time outdoors. Maybe you’re spending time in the garden catching up on outdoor DIY jobs, playing team sports, cycling, hiking, running or simply having fun with friends and family.

Whilst not wanting to put a dampener on things, these activities increase the risk of you having an accident that could stop you working for a while. 

Fractures and sprains can make driving and/or carrying out your job as an electrician impossible whilst you recover. If you’re not working, how are you going to pay your bills? 

“It won’t happen to me” is all very well – but what if it does? If you’re self-employed or a sole trader, the financial impact can be significant for you, your business and your family. 

Personal accident cover from NAPIT Insurance
Personal accident insurance is available as an added extra to your main NAPIT Insurance cover. The cover provided is 24/7 so accidents at home and recreational sports are covered (UK only). The benefit paid is 75% of your weekly average income, up to £500 per week. There’s a 14-day excess period but you can claim for up to a year if you remain unable to work. 

And if the resulting injuries are so significant that you have to cease trading, for example, loss of sight or the loss of a limb, then there’s a lump sum payment option too.  

NAPIT member claim example 

The NAPIT Insurance team were in discussion a member regarding the renewal of his insurance cover and talked about personal accident cover.  We explained the benefits and how it provides an income should he be unable to work for a period of time. The client didn’t have any form of accident or injury cover and so decided to take the personal accident cover option from renewal.   

A few months later, the NAPIT member tripped on a curb which resulted in a badly broken ankle – and three months off work whilst he recovered. 

He made a successful claim under his new personal accident cover. He’d selected the maximum benefit option for a cost of just over £120 for the year and so received £500 per week which helped cover his lost income and pay the bills until he was unable to return to work.   

Find out more about protecting your income 

To find out more about the personal accident cover provided by NAPIT Insurance do not hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team.