Are your tools covered?

Without your tools, you can’t work. So, it makes sense to protect your kit with the right tool insurance. You can build tool insurance into your existing policy and have the peace of mind that if your kit were damaged or stolen, you will receive the support to replace your kit as quickly as possible.

Our tool insurance covers your equipment 24/7, whether it’s in a vehicle or in a building. Not many insurers include overnight cover in a vehicle, and if they do, there are usually a lot of restrictions.


Ours is simple. The vehicle must be locked, windows closed and tools out of sight. For example, if the van has a window, the windows either need to be boarded up or tools kept covered/out of sight from view. You don’t need to have special alarms or locks, and it doesn’t matter where the vehicle is parked or the time of day.


Tool theft is one of the most frequent claims for the trades. Don’t get caught out. Call us today to find out more.


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