As a tradesperson, you rely on your tools to do your job, and your van to get to those jobs. So if those things were stolen from you, it would have a huge impact on your ability to work.

It has been recently reported that there’s been a steep increase in the theft of tools from vans over the last few years, and for tradespeople, these statistics are particularly concerning.

So what is happening? The statistics show:

  • A van is broken into every 23 minutes in the UK. [1]
  • In 2016 the cost of tool theft claims across the trade industry was £2.8 million, and by 2017 there was a 30% increase in tool theft.[1]
  • The average value of a tool theft claim is £1,626. [1]
  • Yorkshire and the Midlands are the areas most at risk of tool theft. [1]
  • Surprisingly thefts are most common in the month of July. [2]

As well as being vital to your work, tools are also a big financial investment. It’s therefore important that you take any steps you can to protect your expensive tools.

Improving your locks

On many vehicles, the standard locks are often not strong enough to keep out determined thieves. Adding an extra layer of protection in the form of steel-clad or heavy-duty deadlocks can help to make your van more secure.

No tools in the van overnight

It’s likely that thieves will monitor your vehicle leading up to an attempted theft. By making sure you do not leave your tools or anything valuable in your van overnight, should deter an attempt.

Van storage boxes

Van safes or vaults are available in a range of sizes, and are fitted to the inside of your van. If you do have to leave tools in your van, storing them in a secure vault is a much safer option.

Additional alarms

While your van is likely to have an alarm fitted as standard; cunning thieves have worked out ways to bypass some of these. More advanced alarm systems and immobilisers are available which can be much more effective. It’s worth doing your research to find the system that works best for you.

Parking your van

You can make your van less accessible by parking with your back or side doors against a wall or gate. Parking in a well-lit area with CCTV cameras wherever possible is also a good idea.

Take out insurance

And finally, make sure that you have the right insurance in place. If you need any advice or want to discuss your insurance requirements, why not get in touch with NAPIT Insurance on 03455 646 173, or complete an online enquiry form.