Why bad reviews can actually be good for business

No one wants to receive negative reviews but unfortunately even with the best businesses it can happen. However a negative review doesn’t have to be all bad news. 68% of customers trust a collection of reviews more when they see both positive and negative comments, according to a study done by review site, Reevoo. In fact, Reevoo state 95% of consumers suspect that a collection of reviews have been censored or populated with fake reviews when they do not see any criticism.

The key to bad reviews is the steps you take once you have received it.

NAPIT Insurance top tips

In order to ensure that your company remains aware of customer reviews and is proactive in its responses, consider implementing the following practices:

  • Monitor social media to track what customers are saying about your company.
  • Acknowledge feedback both good and bad.
  • If a customer had a poor experience with your company, reach out to them to apologise. If you do need to make an apology make sure you remain authentic and human, don’t copy and paste a bland company statement but respond to their specific experience. This shows that your company is interested and cares about its customers’ experiences and opinions.  
  • Consider appointing a dedicated team or individual to review negative criticism and determine whether they provide valuable insight into how your company may improve. Don’t forget to communicate these changes to your clients to demonstrate that you are listening.

People have always shared their experiences of a brand or company both positive and negative. The difference now is that social media can give that story much more weight and traction. With social networks word of mouth knows no barriers, but this doesn’t have to be something to be fearful of. By adopting a practice of monitoring and responding you can use this to your advantage by demonstrating a proactive and customer focused approached to business.


Source: Zywave Commercial Insurance Profile August 2016